2018 Energy Conference in Paonia

Capitalizing on a very successful inaugural event, E² x 2 in 2018 will further explore the topic of Energy Innovation.  The intersection of traditional providers, innovative disruptors and a newfound focus on the customer are stimulating a rapid industrial transition in the once staid power utility business.  2018’s conference will highlight innovative practices in the industry with an emphasis on major developments in technology, regulation/policy, and the marketplace.

2018 themes include:

●       New developments in Colorado  (RTO, municipalization, 100% renewable initiatives, executive orders, co-op activism, new power supply trends)

●       Highlight start up enterprises, entrepreneurs, new technologies and innovation

●       ENGAGE SPARK TANK of Western Colorado  (energy innovation pitch event)

●       The changing energy market (RTO, new utility resource plans (Xcel, RMP, others), emerging technologies and business models

●       Emergence of the customer – customer choice, market deregulation, growth in behind the meter deployments

●       Grid Evolution – Part 2  (build on where we left off last year)

Agenda will be coming soon!

Proposed Dates:

Sept. 16-18 or 17-18, 2018 (Sunday, Monday- Tuesday)  TBD

            Monday evening Spark Tank  (may move this to Sunday to accommodate Mary P.)

            Tuesday 9 – 4 pm Conference (may move this up to Monday to accommodate Mary P.)

         @ Paonia Energy Tech Center

The E² = Engage Energy Conference planning group includes representatives from Delta County Economic Development (DCED), Southwest Innovation Corridor (SWIC)/Telluride Foundation, Delta Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), Region 10, Delta County, Technical College of the Rockies and the Delta County School District.

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