The mission of the ENGAGE food business incubator program is to support inspired entrepreneurs to develop, operate and grow successful local businesses involving value-added agricultural products.

The ENGAGE food business incubator will allow entrepreneurs to mitigate start-up risk and grow their food ventures within a community of likeminded business owners that encourages collaboration and creativity. The ENGAGE Incubator will help overcome the obstacles of success by providing access to equipped and licensed commercial kitchens and by offering professional services including: business plan writing, accounting, marketing, advertising, distribution, mentoring and funding.

Available Kitchen Equipment

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Rapid Sealers band sealer is ideal for high volume packaging and sealing thermoplastic materials like polyethylene, plastic lined, foil and gusseted bags of almost any size or shape. Gas Flushing capability. Embossed date and batch stamping. Ability to package wide variety of bag sizes. Strong Heat Seal. Increase your production!


The EXCALIBUR COMM 2 can create a variety of delicious dry food. The dehydrator features 42 stainless steel trays with BPA-free screens. Temperatures can reach from 70 to 180 degrees F. Individual temperature controls for top & bottom. 5000 Watts of heating power. Full stainless steel body construction. Mounted on 4 swivel casters for easy mobility. 99 hour timer, alarm, beeper cycle and adjustable fan delay. Call to reserve now!


The Cleveland Single Piston Head Filler creates high-quality creams and pastes as well as viscous fluids like sauces, salsas, icing, gravy, batters, body scrubs, lotions and other thick sauces. Filling capacity of 3 to 33 ounces. Can process up to ¼ inch particles in product. Portable bench top design. Simple uncomplicated operation. Reliable use for free flowing products.


A tilting steam kettle offers a way to cook large amounts of soups, stews, and sauces with less supervision than a stock pot requires. Tilting kettles use a steam-jacketed design to apply heat evenly to the food inside, eliminating the worry of food scorching to the bottom of the pot due to the concentrated heat there. Large Pouring lip to reduce splash. Accurate, adjustable & consistent temperature control. Built in water faucet for easy clean up. Self-locking tilt. Dual 6 gallon kettles for larger batches.


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