Capitalizing on a very successful inaugural event, E² x 2 in 2018 further explored the topic of Energy Innovation.  The intersection of traditional providers, innovative disruptors and a newfound focus on the customer are stimulating a rapid industrial transition in the once staid power utility business.  2018’s conference highlighted innovative practices in the industry with an emphasis on major developments in technology, regulation/policy, and the marketplace.

Monday, September 17

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Tuesday, September 18

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the changing utility landscape


Keynote Speaker – Tom Plant, CSU Center for New Energy Economy


Chris Riley, President of Guzman Energy
The Dynamic Wholesale Energy Markets – Cheap natural gas, the falling cost of renewables and consumer desires are driving a new level of dynamism into the once staid wholesale energy market.  What will the implications be for our future power supply?

Phil Rutkowski of Wartsila
Denton, TX Case Study – Cheap natural gas, the declining cost of renewables coupled with competitive real time energy markets are driving rapid changes in the nation’s power supply.  Denton, TX has made a remarkable shift in its power supply to capitalize on these changes.

Paul Fenn, Local Power Inc.
Community Choice Aggregation trends – Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) and Customer Choice (CC) are revolutionizing the consumer energy markets in several states by allowing local entities to aggregate the buying power of individual customers within a defined jurisdiction in order to secure alternative energy supply contracts.  Customer Choice is a growing trend that allows customers to choose the company that supplies your electric generation supply – just as you can shop for other products and services.

Larry Atencio and Dave Cockrell, Pueblo’s Energy Future
Pueblo’s Energy Future – The City of Pueblo is exploring the option of municipalization as its franchise agreement with Black Hills Energy expires in two years.  The Pueblo community is taking an interesting approach to this issue that considers economics, energy justice and sustainability as key factors.


Moderator: Kathleen Staks, Executive Director, Colorado Energy Office

(12:00 – 2:00)


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impacting the energy landscape


Mark Dyson, Rocky Mountain Institute
Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Technologies – With the proliferation of rooftop, community and utility scale solar, now being coupled with storage, a new distributed power supply model is being developed that will allow these resources to participate in the public grid power supply.


The Future of Grid Control – How things like SmartGrid, Blockchain and other technologies, coupled with high performance broadband, may transform the grid into a real-time, bi-directional transaction based system.


Jasen Bronec, DMEA CEO
Reliable, high-speed data communications will be a key enabling technology of the Smart Grid.  How DMEA is positioning ELEVATE Fiber as a critical element of DMEA’s future Smart Grid.


Representative Chris Hansen
The use of Debt Securitization in the utility space has enabled States to assist utilities in “upscaling” their generation assets.


Panelist and Moderator: TBD

The E² = Engage Energy Conference planning group includes representatives from Delta County Economic Development (DCED), Southwest Innovation Corridor (SWIC)/Telluride Foundation, Delta Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), Region 10, Delta County, Technical College of the Rockies and the Delta County School District.


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